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At Clarendon the safeguarding of children is our up most priority and this includes keeping them safe while using the internet. Throughout the school year children are taught how to remain safe while using the internet. We try to instill this message so that when they are out of school they are always aware of the dangers and know how to protect themselves. We also want to ensure, as parents, you too know how to keep your children safe while they use the internet.

Here are some FAQ

How long should my child use the internet for? It is up to you how long you want your child to use the internet for but ask yourself the question – what are they using it for? Children need to experience a range of activities, not just playing computer games. If they are using the internet for research, do they also use books from the library? What is important is that, at this age, they never devices unsupervised. Phones, tables, computers should only ever be accessed with an adult present. Also bear in mind that too must screen time before bedtime can ruin sleep and experts suggest a ‘screen-free’ hour before bedtime.

How can I control their use of it? Controlling the time limit can be as simple as setting ground rules. Children are used to following rules in school and understand their are consequences to breaking them. Alternatively contact your service provided to ask them to set time limits for you.

Parental controls can also be applied to the internet, blocking the access of inappropriate websites – again contact your service provider.

Further advice on how to control iPad settings can be found on the apple website. 

Should my child be chatting through the PlayStation?

Chatting to strangers is the same whether it be typed message, verbally or face to face. What rules to you have for your child talking to strangers? Apply the same rules when using ICT. Even if they tell you they are talking to their friends – how do you know? How do they know?

What websites or apps are they allowed to access? Here are just a few examples of sites and apps which show the age limit for account holders. Please bear in mind this is a minimum age and as a parent it is your decision whether to grant your child access once they reach this age. Also be aware that there are age restrictions on computer games, films and other media.

13  14 16 17 18 (13 with parent permission)




Google +



LinkedIn WhatsApp Vine You Tube




What are the the dangers and what can I do if I think my child is in trouble?

Hear are some useful websites with further information. Alternatively please don’t hesitate to contact an adult in school.

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