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Clarendon and British Values

As a school community, we believe our children possess unique gifts and qualities, and as such they have the right to succeed, recognise their own greatness, and develop who they are in a respectful and caring environment. Our school ethos is firmly rooted in our values with a ‘love of learning’ being the foundation of everything we do.

Each team in our school is responsible for one of our values and you can find out more about these in the links below.

Here is how our values represent the Governments definition of British Values:

Democracy: making decisions together
* Leadership
* Vision
* Aspiration
* Determination
Rule of law: understanding rules matter as cited in Personal Social and Emotional development
* Resilience
* Nurturing
* Enjoyment
* Everyone
Individual liberty: freedom for all
* Uniqueness
* Optimism
* Sharing
* Challenge
Mutual respect and tolerance: treat others as you want to be treated
* Acceptance
* Nobody left behind
* Love of learning
* Success

Click on the links below to learn more about Clarendon Values and how we promote them alongside British Values

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