Bugs & Bulbs 18-19

Milk Bottle Bird Feeders

Written by Your Teacher on January 18, 2019

Gardening Club took recyclable plastics and made them into handy bird feeders for our garden area. We filled it with Finch food and hung them up for all to enjoy :)

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What is man-made and what is natural?

Written by Your Teacher on November 15, 2018

During our time in the garden this week, we had a look at different colours.  We had a challenge to find as many things as we could.. man-made or natural. We then decided what was what and how we could…

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Who won the potato competition?

Written by Your Teacher on July 9, 2018

On Thursday- we announced the winners of our Whole School Potato Competition. After much hard work by everyone- we announced our top 3. 4C, 4T and 2J.. And the winners were... 2J! Congratulations.. you grew 31 potatoes!

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Written by Your Teacher on April 20, 2018

Our potatoes are still growing here at Clarendon! Some very inventive ways of keeping the crop upright (this is 4C's invention)! I wonder who is winning- the key is what is going on beneath the soil! 

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Pond Dipping

Written by Your Teacher on April 19, 2018

Some of us went outside in the sun today- POND DIPPING! We found lots of animals- a Tadpole, Great Diving Beetle Lava and Ramshorn Snails. 

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Y5 Planting

Written by Your Teacher on March 29, 2018

Today, Y5 went outside and planted 4 different types of bushes with Miss Milson- Golden Raspberries, Red Raspberries, Blackberries and Gooseberries. We had loads of fun, watered and positioned them in the sun for maximum growing!  These bushes were chosen…

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